Our Story


After having worked in the studios of Loewe, Celine, Louis Vuitton, Carolina Herrera and Burberry, Juan Carlos Grao decided to launch his own brand in 2020. GRAO is a collection of sustainable garments made in Spain. Each piece is carefully crafted one by one, thanks to the experience of a team of skilled artisans that specialize in the highest standards of luxury.

Our manufacturing process

What we do


GRAO defends the philosophy of traditional craftsmanship against modern mass production. We create short collections made with meticulous dedication. They combine defined lines with a tailored cut, and evoke memories of traditional and iconic garments.  Our garments are often influenced by workwear, with details inspired by nature and the comfort of streetwear. Sophisticated yet casual, and made from responsibly sourced natural materials.

Although they fall into the “menswear” category, our pieces are versatile, inspired by iconic classics, and they can appeal to a wider audience. Our garments are both classic and contemporary; durable over time. They are made and designed to be worn for a lifetime, before being passed on to the next generation.

Our values


GRAO reflects the way of life of those who appreciate fashion as a value and a form of cultural and social expression; those who ponder over its consumption and long for the recovery of the essence of fashion, and those who are certain that the style of their garments must be versatile and timeless.

We advocate for a way of consuming fashion that involves buying in moderation, keeping your favorite pieces and passing them on. We want to create those garments that make you feel so comfortable that you want to wear them all your life, without an expiry date.