GRAO is a brand with a small-scale production, in contrast to consumer brands that manufacture large quantities and are left with unsold stock at the end of each season, accumulating over time and creating waste.

Each one of our pieces is made-to-order, one by one and mostly by hand: this way we avoid overproduction and leftover stock. We also use carefully selected materials and fabrics that come from quality fibres, like cotton and tencel. Some of our fabrics are made locally, while the most exclusive ones are imported from Italy and Japan.

Sustainability is at the heart of our production process, and that’s captured in our durable and timeless garments.

The creation of a garment:

You place an order

  • The moment you place an order, we will start the individualized development of your garment.

We cut the fabric

  • The designs and patterns are made by the skilled team of designers and technicians in our Barcelona studio. We will cut the pieces that correspond to your order, according to your size.

Our atelier sews the garment

  • The garment will be carefully sewn and finished with care in a local artisan workshop. We do a complete follow-up of the process, making sure that your piece achieves the quality standards that our brand stands for.

The order is shipped!

  • When it is ready, we will wrap, package and ship your order, so that you’ll have it in your hands approximately three weeks after you placed it.

We aim to create iconic garments, providing long-lasting clothing that offers a sustainable alternative to fast fashion.  We believe that this made-to-order process is the most sustainable way forward for new brands like ours, allowing us to create quality products with minimal waste.